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Uac Foundation Repair 90004, Los Angeles, CA

Each foundation problem or foundation crack is unique to each home. To fix the problem once-and-for-all you need to know exactly why the crack is occurring and what technique is needed to fix it.

At Uac Foundation Repair 90004, our team of certified in-house foundation and structural repair professionals are ready to repair your foundation slab, foundation crack or other foundation problems. You can rest assured that our contractors have the training, experience, and products that will help us help you solve all of your foundation problem once and for all.

Each and every one of our foundation repair experts in the 90004 area, uses techniques that were instilled in them during the training process upon joining our team. When problems occur with foundations, it can be caused by many different factors including:

  • Building on clay that is easily affected by temperature
  • Inadequate Maintenance
  • Building on weak, improperly compacted, or compressive soils
  • Environmental factors such as natural disasters

Damaged Foundations 90004, Los Angeles

Your home or commercial property can suffer foundation damage at any time. It can develop immediately after the foundation construction is completed or take years to develop as the soils that surround and support the foundation of your home experiences changes.

At Uac Foundation Repair our experts in 90004 strive to get you and your property back on solid ground as quickly as possible. We offer lasting solutions that fix all types of damage no matter the root cause of the problem. When it comes to foundation repair we know what we are doing.

We have been helping residents in 90004 for years and know that they all appreciate licensed contractors that have proven stabilization solutions. That is why we made it our goal to give you the peace of mind by making sure your foundation regains its structural integrity permanently.

Our Services

  • Drilled Shafts
  • Structural Diaphragm Walls
  • Top Down Construction
  • Secant Pile Walls
  • Large Diameter Shaft Construction
  • Augercast Piles

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